What does the Global News Alliance offer?


  • Gather and distribute news stories and features that would not otherwise be available
  • Deliver material for different media platforms and in various formats, from completed reports to b-roll and interviews with scripts and audio.  
  • Meet accepted technical and journalistic standards for news content.
  • Make English translations available for reports originating in other languages
  • Seek to locate and produce special-request stories 
  • Provide contacts for verification or further information.

Connections & Community

  • Compile a global directory of production sources, journalists, and news authorities.
  • Provide access to video archives
  • An online global community for Christian news producers, reporters and production personnel


We offer our members a starting collection of production training videos, with plans to include many more in the weeks ahead.  Our production training materials include: 

  • Newsroom tips from CBN News
  • Discounted access to the Global Media Academy
  • training manual and videos (with permission from YWAM)
  • Links to other recommended videos and training content
  • News about Christian media trainers and training events

GNA training topics include equipment operation, interviewing, scripting, story-telling, best reporting practices, and more. 


Our GNA commitment is to help you produce quality news reports that will gain an audience in today's competitive media marketplace.